So I found this Fifa 2018 set, it has many metrics which they use for the payers, teams and leagues, they have many criterias and metrics for each one of the players in the game and accourding with this source, the numbers the use in the video game are pretty accurate, so I made this application wo compare the salaries and values of different players and different teams, I think the application is self explanatory BUT under the application there is the tutorial to lean how it works.

Basically this application will allow you to sarch for different teams and compare the values, and salaries of each one of the players, to do this the first thing you will do is to write the name of the teams you want to compare (it can be two or more)

chose a team

Once you have chosen the teams to compare you can moseuse over each one of the names and see the different values for each player.


compare players

On the upper left side you will see the comparison between both clubs based on the total salaries of their players:


Value per club

If the clubs are from different leagues you will see the comparison between the total value of both leagues:

value per league


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