Position Table Apertura 2017 Mexican League Analysis

Apertura 2017 Position Table Mexico Analysis

There has been a lot of comments about the mexican championship, specifically about  the Nuevo Leon teams who arrived to the finals because they had the most money, I honestly thing there is more than money involved in this championship, that is why I decided to make the above analysis, the clubs are arranged according with the positions they finished in the apertura 2017 season, to demonstrate the total team value besides the size of the graph I used colours from red to green, being the redest the most expensive, the grey the transition colour and different shades of green to show the decrease in value.

As you can see Tigres and Monterrey are the most expensive teams, but América is the third biggest payroll and if you saw the game between Tigres and América it seemed like amateurs playing versus professionals, if money were the only thing to win then Chivas would have been in the 4 position or at least they would have entered at “La liguilla” ; following the same logic Morelia would have been in the spot number 17, other example that money does not make teams is Lobos Buap which with a novice trainer, the second smallest payroll and several older players went further than 8 teams.

Conclusion: Money is just one component to make a team champion…ask Chivas.


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